Does your organization want to drive revenue and generate success while affecting positive social change? Pedrotti Hays gives the independent, straightforward counsel you need to achieve ambitions beyond the bottom line.

Through in-depth analysis of current business practices and long-term goals, we help companies and nonprofits research, develop and implement strategic plans. But, our work doesn’t stop at planning; we help clients operationalize goals with short-term projects meant to achieve long-term success.

About Pedrotti Hays

Kathy Pedrotti Hays

For more than 20 years, Kathy Pedrotti Hays has helped organizations adjust their actions for maximum positive social impact.

Shortly after earning her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, Kathy started her career in philanthropy as the first marketing director for the Ohio-based law firm, Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn, now known as Ice Miller. Here, she realized organizations that acted in a socially responsible way could recognize profits beyond the bottom line.

To foster this interest, she earned her Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management through the IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs and immediately began building her career in both the nonprofit and for-­profit sectors.

She cultivated her leadership ability at AIDServe Indiana as the statewide director of education and training. She then became the executive director of the Marion County Family Advocacy Center where she assisted the organization in coordinating child abuse and domestic violence investigations. In that role, she was responsible for managing a staff of 28 and a budget of $1.5 million derived from federal, local and private sources.

Kathy has significant facilitation experience and currently serves as the Indianapolis facilitator of the Women’s Presidents’ Organization, an international organization that provides monthly confidential peer learning sessions for women business owners with revenues in excess of $2 million annually. She has facilitated numerous client and neighborhood focus groups and key informant surveys for strategic planning and collaboration projects done on behalf of small, medium and large nonprofit and for-profit organizations. In 2015, Kathy became a faculty member in The Fund Raising School at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

History & Mission

Pedrotti Hays Inc. helps companies drive revenue, generate success and create a positive work environment by developing and implementing social responsibility and giving programs.

Since 2003, Pedrotti Hays Inc. has assisted nonprofit and for-profit organizations in defining and delivering superior services and philanthropic initiatives. To date, Pedrotti Hays has worked with more than 50 nonprofits and corporations across central Indiana.

By utilizing a team approach to consulting, Pedrotti Hays offers clients high creative energy and efficient solutions for their long-term strategic needs.

Nonprofit and for-profit
companies have much to learn
from each other. We help our
clients bridge that gap by
concentrating on what it takes
to be successful.

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The Story Behind

The Peacock

The peacock's symbolism represents Pedrotti Hays'
mission to inspire nonprofits and corporations
to continuously redefine goals and improve strategies. By embracing this symbolism in its brand,
Pedrotti Hays demonstrates commitment to:


The peacock sheds its feathers annually, eventually growing back its distinctive and vivacious plumage. This cycle of reinvention inspires a feeling of constant revitalization and growth.


As a rare and exotic bird, the peacock has long been viewed as the embodiment of grace and effervescence. Its presence in ancient royal courts further fed a reputation of regality, dignity and truthfulness.


The peacock has been associated with careful watchfulness since ancient times. With roots in Greco-Roman mythology, in which its feathers symbolize the eyes of the stars, the peacock remains an enduring symbol of leadership and direction.