With a practical approach and candid counsel, we implement those plans by breaking goals into measurable benchmarks every step along the way.

Your nonprofit is dedicating resources for planning—so make the most of it! We help get everyone on the same page and executing projects that meet long-term strategic goals.

Nonprofit Services

Strategic, Operational and Community Planning

We help nonprofits operationalize strategies, assign accountability and stay on track. Our research-based approach, coupled with candid counsel and decades of experience, yields strategic plans that outline short-term benchmarks on the path to accomplishing long-term goals.

Social Enterprise Development and Implementation

Nonprofits have deep commitments to social causes, but many are unable to develop and implement an effective social enterprise. By becoming entrenched in the mission and working with key stakeholders, we help organizations craft plans that increase social impact and maximize efficiency.

Nonprofit and for-profit
companies have much to learn
from each other. We help our
clients bridge that gap by
concentrating on what it takes
to be successful.

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The Story Behind

The Peacock

The peacock's symbolism represents Pedrotti Hays'
mission to inspire nonprofits and corporations
to continuously redefine goals and improve strategies. By embracing this symbolism in its brand,
Pedrotti Hays demonstrates commitment to:


The peacock sheds its feathers annually, eventually growing back its distinctive and vivacious plumage. This cycle of reinvention inspires a feeling of constant revitalization and growth.


As a rare and exotic bird, the peacock has long been viewed as the embodiment of grace and effervescence. Its presence in ancient royal courts further fed a reputation of regality, dignity and truthfulness.


The peacock has been associated with careful watchfulness since ancient times. With roots in Greco-Roman mythology, in which its feathers symbolize the eyes of the stars, the peacock remains an enduring symbol of leadership and direction.